How long will it take to get better?

How long it takes, and whether you make fast progress  or slow progress  recovering depends largely on 3 things

                      1 The type of injury

                      2 Your health

                     3 What you want to achieve from chiropractic

1 The type of injury

.The tissue that is injured, how long it has been a problem for, and how severe the injury is plays a big role in the speed of your recovery

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2 Your health

How healthy and active you are will also play a big role in how quickly your body recovers from injury. Your health includes your physical, mental, and emotional adaptability.

3 What you want to achieve from chiropractic     

People use chiropractors in different ways, some people just want pain relief others want to get well and improve the movement, function and adaptability of there body

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Continuing chiropractic care helps increase your ability to deal with and to adapt to stress


Why do I need continuing chiropractic care


Your body is a dynamic system

If you are trying to get fit and dicide to go jogging you will get a very differnent outcome if you go jogging once a year or a couple of times a week.  leads to a very different outcome so does getting adjusted once a year or a couple of times a week.

I just want to come in when I am in pain.

The body tends to move in patterns and

I want to maintain my body flexibility and movement.

This approach is about keeping your body moving along. Booking in every 4—6 weeks helps keep the body moving and make some improvements

I love the changes I am experiencing and want to continue and see how far they go.

This approach is about maxmiizing your bodies ability to funtion



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