How will I feel after the adjustment


Most people feel much better after being adjusted. They often describe feeling lighter, more relaxed and more flexible.

The Same

Some people won't notice any difference after being adjusted. Depending on how sever or how long the cause of the problem has been there can depend on how long it will take to get better. Often when you think about the location, frequency and intensity of the pain you may notice some changes.


If your body hasn't been moving well for a long time when they start moving again they can your body can feel sore and tight. Healing can take time and you will notice a reduction in the frequency and intensity of your symptoms.


STRESS itself is bad. When you to the gym to build muscles you put your body under STRESS, your body ADAPTs to the stress by breaking down then recovering bigger and stronger. Problems occur when your body is put under too much STRESS and it doesn't ADAPT, recover and rebuild.




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